led furniture


led furniture

Published by admin Dec-10-2018

The Differences of Plastics Molding

As a professional plastics molding factory,we can customize different products with led lights.We have technique of rotational molding,injection molding and blowing molding.Our products are mainly made by rotational molding.Why do we use rotational molding for led furniture? Hereby inform you the...

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color changing bluetooth speaker

Published by admin Dec-07-2018

How to Use Synchronization Color changing Bluetooth Speaker

What is SYNC color changing Bluetooth speaker?It is the possibility to make color changing Bluetooth speaker connected to each other with same music and light. Here are the steps for using sync color changing Bluetooth speaker How to connect Bluetooth Ⅰ、Turn on the speaker by button or remote ...

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led ball

Published by admin Sep-30-2018

Rechargeable color changing led glowing orbs

Are you seeking led glowing orbs in certain sizes to decorate your parties and events with the unique and wide variety? We led furniture factory can do you a favor.We manufacturer led glowing orbs  ranging from dia10cm to dia100cm and everything in between. From wedding venues, to garden walls, ...

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sensory mood light

Published by admin Sep-15-2018

Sensory mood light led cube

This amazing sensory mood light led cube is the perfect outdoor/indoor light up furniture. LED  furniture is great for nighttime parties or making a fun statement in your home decor. The sensory mood light led cube is actually a sturdy polyethylene seat that is as practical as it is fun. Use one...

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rotational molding products

Published by admin Aug-30-2018

Rotational Molding Technique

Rotational Molding (BrE moulding) involves a heated hollow mold which is filled with a charge or shot weight of material. It is then slowly rotated (usually around two perpendicular axes), causing the softened material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mold. In order to maintain even thic...

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wholesale cocktail tables

Published by admin Aug-16-2018

Color changing led cocktail tables

We led furniture factory supply different wholesale cocktail tables.They have been in constant demand. These wholesale cocktail tables are a fantastic way to add some colour to your event and make great tables.   Our wholesale tables are made from pe plastics material which makes it hard to...

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led cube bluetooth speaker

Published by admin Aug-07-2018

Introduction of LED Cube Bluetooth speaker

Led cube Bluetooth speaker  is a welcome addition to our range. LED cube Bluetooth speaker is strong enough to sit on and can used  well as a presentation cube. This gives every party, meeting or fair much more color and creats more fantastic mood atmosphere! Here is our Functionalities of LED cu...

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led lighted table

Published by admin Jul-26-2018

Ways to Arrange LED Lighted Table

If you are planning a large event such as a wedding or parties, choosing the right led lighted table arrangements can be a challenge. You need to make the space comfortable and  keep your guests entertained and happy .The good news is that there are a number of ways to position your table and you...

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led furniture factory

Published by admin Jul-11-2018

Good Markets of Led Glow Furniture

        With the rapid development of China’s society and economy  and the rapid improvement of people’s living standards, people have more and more requirements on life tastes and consumption styles. Pursuing fashion, paying attention to quality, advocating individuality, and enjoyin...

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illuminated led furniture

Published by admin May-28-2018

Light up Your Events with Illuminated LED Furniture

Are you looking for furniture differing from traditional one?Are you looking  for something amazing or unique for your events? Foshan BAICAI led furniture factory hereby give you the possibility to make your events fantastic(your parties,wedding events or cooperate events).Our color changing led...

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illuminated outdoor furniture

Published by admin Jul-09-2018

Features of Rotational Moulding for Illuminated Outdoor Furniture

Here is Features of rotational moulding for illuminated outdoor furniture : 1. Low cost of rotomolding mold: For products of the same size and size, the cost of rotomolding mold is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow molding and injection molding 2. The edge strength of the rotomolded product is...

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light up cocktail tables

Published by admin Jun-15-2018

How to Clean Light Up Cocktail tables

  Light up cocktail tables are made from white polyethylene plastics.People will question about how to keep them new or how to clean them wthen they become dirty. Today,we will show you some tips: 1.prepare duster cloth,household cleaner( kitchen,glass and so on) 2.spray the cleaner on the ...

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